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Garylene D. Javier discussed "Navigating workplace culture in the age of #MeToo" at the DC Bar Conference

Since #MeToo went viral in 2017, legal organizations across the nation have grappled with how to address both new and old issues related to sexual harassment, gender equity, and workplace culture – not only as legal advocates, but as employers and employees. This panel explored how public attitudes, public policy, and the law have shifted in the past three years, the current state of affairs, and how attorneys can be leaders in shifting workplace cultures. Those who attended left with a better understanding of:

  • How the #MeToo movement has impacted the workplace and how law firms and other legal organizations are responding
  • New state workplace harassment laws, including workplace training requirements, key legal developments, and how to achieve compliance
  • Best practices in building organizational infrastructure to create a positive workplace culture, minimize legal risk, and further employee equality and performance.

Our panelists come from diverse backgrounds that together, will provide a dynamic conversation with practical recommendations on how we can foster safety, dignity, and equality at work for everyone.

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