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  • FHFA releases comprehensive report of entire FHLBank system

    On November 7, the FHFA released a report titled “FHLBank System at 100: Focusing on the Future,” providing a comprehensive overview of the Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBank) system in its entirety. The FHLBank system is comprised of domestic and small, community-focused lenders that are connected to the global capital markets, engendering lenders to “better support housing and community development” through liquidity. The FHFA’s report acknowledged that the banking sector volatility in March 2023 led to a “significant advance demand” and it “provided a record volume of advances” to their members.

    Furthermore, the report details the background of the FHLBank System, such as its history, member type, and business functions. The features from the FHLBank system’s mission are to provide liquidity to members, as well as support housing and community developments. The chapter on stable and reliable sources of liquidity confirms that the FHLBank system is not the lender of last resort due to its funding structure of bonds and short-term notes. In addition, the Moving Forward chapter offers a list of goals for the FHLBank system to adopt. Interestingly, Appendix 5 of the report highlights an analysis of four crises from the banking failures from March to May 2023.

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