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  • Massachusetts Securities Division relaxes notarization and signature requirements for certain filings

    State Issues

    On March 24, the Massachusetts Securities Division issued an Emergency Notice giving temporary relief from certain filing requirements for corporate finance filings and financial professional registrations during the Covid-19 outbreaks. The Division will not require manual signatures or notarizations for securities registration applications, exemption filings, securities notice filings, and consent to service of process forms and will accept e-signatures and copies of signed documents where required. The Division will also permit electronic submission of Forms U4 without physical signatures from individual agents or investment advisor representatives, provided that certain requirements are met, and will accept alternatives to a notarized Criminal Offender Record Information acknowledgment form. Finally, the Division will allow investment advisers up to 45 additional days to perform any Form ADV filing, updating, or customer delivery requirements. This guidance will remain in effect until April 30, unless extended or rescinded.

    State Issues Covid-19 Massachusetts Securities Notary E-Signature

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  • Iowa issues remote notarization guidance

    State Issues

    On March 22, Iowa issued temporary remote notarization guidance and FAQs to assist notaries public in working remotely during the Covid-19 crisis. A set of more-stringent provisions is scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2020.

    State Issues Covid-19 Iowa Notary Fintech

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  • Oregon Updates Notary Regulations, Allows Electronic Notarization, Journals


    On October 1, the Oregon Secretary of State published a final rule to implement numerous changes to the state’s notaries public regulations, including providing for electronic notarizations and electronic journals. The Secretary also released a summary of the changes. Notaries may notarize documents electronically after informing the Secretary of State of the format the notary will use by submitting notice via email, using the Electronic Notarization Notice form, along with an example of an electronic notarization. Any change to the way a notary conducts electronic notarizations—e.g. new vendor, new technology, changed appearance—requires a notary to provide notice of the change to the Secretary of State. A notary also may document an electronic notarization in either a paper or electronic journal, or both. The new rules took effect on September 1, 2013.

    Electronic Signatures Electronic Records Notary

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  • Virginia Publishes Electronic Notarization Standard


    On January 21, the Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth released the Virginia Electronic Notarization Assurance Standard. Citing challenges faced by notaries to “preserve and strengthen the role of the notary in the rapidly emerging digital economy and to ensure reliability and cross-border recognition of notarized electronic documents in a global economy,” the standards are intended to support transition of notaries in Virginia to performing electronic notarizations that have the same legal effect as traditional notarizations. They set forth registration and performance requirements, electronic signature and seal requirements, online notarization procedures, and notarized electronic document requirements. According to the Secretary, the Virginia standards (i) reflect the National Association of Secretaries of State Electronic Notarization Standard for Document Security; (ii) incorporate aspects of standards previously adopted by seven other states; and (iii) are consistent with the federal ESIGN Act, the UETA, and the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act.

    ESIGN Electronic Signatures UETA Notary

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