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  • Utah governor issues temporary moratorium on residential evictions

    State Issues

    On April 1, Utah Governor Gary Herbert issued an order instituting a moratorium on residential evictions for individuals out of work or otherwise unable to pay rent as a direct result of Covid-19 provided certain conditions are met. The temporary order went into effect immediately and is effective through May 15. Herbert’s announcement did not institute rent forgiveness during the leniency period.

    State Issues Utah Governors Covid-19

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  • Utah Dept. of Financial Institutions approves suspended/reduced hours

    State Issues

    On March 12, the Utah Department of Financial Institutions sent an email permitting regulated entities to temporarily reduce or suspend operations or reduce operating hours without Department approval so long as the entity provides adequate notice to customers and sends an email to the Department informing it of the actions taken.

    The Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Real Estate announced on their website that due to Covid-19 concerns, real estate and appraisal licensees that have not completed their RAP Back Fingerprinting enrollment in advance of their March or April 2020 license renewal will have their license expirations temporarily postponed until further notice. 


    State Issues Covid-19 Utah

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  • Utah Department of Financial Institutions issues guidance to credit unions

    State Issues

    On March 16, the Utah Department of Financial Institutions issued a statement encouraging credit unions to take steps to meet the financial services needs of members and communities affected by Covid-19. Credit unions are encouraged to, among other things, waive certain fees (e.g., ATM, overdraft, late payment fees), increase ATM daily cash withdrawal limits, ease restrictions on cashing out-of-state and non-member checks, increase credit card limits for credit worthy borrowers, and offer payment accommodations. Prudent efforts to modify the terms on existing loans for affected members will not be subject to examiner criticism and, generally, the department supports and will not criticize efforts to accommodate members in a safe and sound manner. The guidance also addresses: (i) financial condition review, supervisory response, and regulatory relief; (ii) regulatory reporting requirements; and (iii) alternative service options.

    State Issues Covid-19 Utah Credit Union Bank Compliance

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