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  • Chamber of Commerce requests access to FTC privacy-related communications

    Privacy, Cyber Risk & Data Security

    On November 19, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sent FOIA requests to the FTC seeking, among other things, communications on consumer data privacy policies the FTC has discussed or considered as ordered by President Biden’s broad July 9 executive order, which tasked the FTC with establishing rules to address concerns about “unfair data collection and surveillance practices that may damage competition, consumer autonomy, and consumer privacy.” (Covered by InfoBytes here.) The Chamber is seeking all communications between FTC Chair and Commissioner Lina Khan and former commissioner Rohit Chopra related to the FTC’s Penalty Offense Authority and/or enforcement policy statements addressing privacy-related topics, as well as communications with the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law. As previously covered by InfoBytes, the Center’s founder, Alvaro Bedoya, was nominated in September by President Biden to serve as an FTC commissioner. With respect to the requests for records related to the FTC’s Penalty Offense Authority, over the past few months the FTC has issued several warnings using its Penalty Offense Authority related to false money-making claims, misleading online endorsements, and unlawful for-profit education institution practices. (Covered by InfoBytes here, here, and here.) Among other things, the FOIA letters also request all records related to artificial intelligence, including communications between the FTC and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and/or the CFPB.

    Privacy/Cyber Risk & Data Security Chamber of Commerce FTC FOIA CFPB Biden

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