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Jeffrey P. Naimon discussed "What have you bought non-QM post-Covid?" at the IMN Non-QM Virtual Conference

Nationally recognized mortgage attorney Jeffrey Naimon joins panelists and discussed:

  • Where spread, liquidity, performance, bids and pricing for flow, bulk and hung inventory of various non-QM products are today vs. history?
  • How much of a liquidity premium is embedded in non-QM?
  • Acquisition/disposition parameters and exit strategy
  • Working with correspondents and brokers
  • Reps, warranties—Any changes?
  • Do you look to buy in bulk or flow?
  • Trading and exit strategy for scratch and dent loans, NPLs and loans in forbearance
  • Are you buying whole loans or securitized pools? Is buy and securitize your strategy?
  • What are the conditions that you would ask for a buyback?  
  • Step-up coupon and risk retention strategies
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