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John P. Kromer discussed "Navigating the multistate fintech regulatory regime" at the American Conference Institute Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Forum on FinTech & Emerging Payment Systems

Navigating the multistate fintech regulatory regime: Evaluating recent state strides in fintech regulation and the latest initiatives aimed at harmonizing and strengthening multistate supervision

This session provided:

  • An overview of the numerous modifications to state money transmitter licensing requirements that have recently taken place
  • The latest state-level initiatives aimed at modernizing and harmonizing financial regulation of fintech and non-bank payments companies operating nationwide
  • The latest on the CSBS’s Vision 2020
  • Developments in state regulation of consumer lenders, bit licenses, payment processors and beyond
  • Actions being taken to better align multistate licensing, examination and supervision
  • Assessments and audits of state regulatory practices to better foster innovation without sacrificing safety, soundness or consumer protection