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About Us


A partner board and two co-managing partners lead Buckley LLP in setting its strategic direction and preserving the culture of the firm, which combines the strength of practitioners known nationally for their depth of experience, a steady commitment to client service, and the mutual respect of a united partnership. One of the firm’s founding principles is to maintain a collegial and diverse working environment in which partners emphasize professional and personal interactions to achieve sustainable success for the firm and all of its employees. The partner board provides strategic guidance on lateral and other hiring, diversity initiatives, alternative business opportunities and income streams, technology investments, budget matters, and promotion and compensation decisions.

The co-managing partners serve on the firm’s board with five additional partners. Board positions carry staggered three-year terms, with at least two up for consideration annually. The firm’s reliance upon the rotation of board membership and co-managing partners provides continuity and preservation of institutional knowledge, while allowing the firm to identify new leadership and encourage innovation that assures its long-term future.

Board members
Preston Burton
John Kromer
Clinton R. Rockwell
Kathryn L. Ryan
Jonice Gray Tucker

Co-managing partners
Benjamin B. Klubes
Christopher M. Witeck