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Buckley Sandler in Parents Magazine: "The Fight For Better Maternity Leave"

Buckley Sandler counsel Michelle Rogers is quoted in "The Fight for Better Maternity Leave" in the January 2012 issue of Parents Magazine, which features Buckley Sandler's maternity leave policy. 

After Michelle Rogers gave birth, she stayed home with her baby daughter for nearly six months. Rogers, an attorney at Buckley Sandler LLP in Washington, D.C., was paid for 18 weeks of maternity leave and four weeks of vacation time. She checked in with colleagues occasionally and visited the office once with her baby. But she didn't feel pressured to keep up with e-mail or other job tasks.

By the time Rogers returned to work, she was rested and ready. "My daughter was sleeping through the night," says Rogers. She was grateful to not have to leave her baby when she was a newborn, and the longer leave allowed Rogers to make a more informed decision about her child-care needs. "I am much better at my job knowing that my child is well cared for," she says. Rogers also feels confident that her career won't suffer due to her time off. "The policies at my firm make me feel valued, and it's not just limited to me as a parent. Obviously everyone, parents or not, has life issues that arise. We are better workers when we feel secure and appreciated."

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