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With New Firepower, SEC Tracks Bigger Game

Thomas A. Sporkin

The agency also created an office to analyze and manage the tips, resembling the F.B.I.’s terrorist review center. Called the Office of Market Intelligence, the unit serves as a “point guard” for the agency — harvesting investigative tips, conducting preliminary investigation and passing on cases to enforcement lawyers.

To lead the effort, the S.E.C. selected one of its rising stars, Thomas A. Sporkin, whose father was the agency’s enforcement director in the 1970s. Mr. Sporkin has built a team of more than 40 former traders, exchange experts, accountants and securities lawyers to sift through roughly 200 pieces of intelligence a day, distilling the hottest tips into a daily “intelligence report.”

“It’s the central intelligence office for the whole agency,” Mr. Sporkin said.

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