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Matthew Previn Quoted in Law360 Article, "Attorneys React To High Court's Arbitration Ruling"

Matthew P. Previn

Matthew Previn was quoted in Law360's June 20 article, "Attorneys React to High Court's Arbitration Ruling."

Matthew P. Previn, Buckley Sandler LLP
"The Italian Colors decision continues a long line of cases expressing the Supreme Court's view of arbitration as a viable alternative to litigation. The decision in many ways follows quite naturally from the Supreme Court's 2011 decision in AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, and Justice Scalia wrote for the same five-justice majority in both cases. While this decision focuses on antitrust law, its impact will be broader. The Supreme Court has made clear, if it wasn't already clear, that courts cannot invalidate an arbitration agreement in a putative class action simply because the costs of individual arbitration may render the case too expensive to bring. Reiterating its holding in the AT&T case, the majority held that the Federal Arbitration Act's command to enforce arbitration agreements trumps any interest in ensuring the prosecution of small-dollar claims."

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