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Partner Jonice Gray Tucker in Law 360's Rainmaker Q&A

Jonice Gray Tucker

Jonice Gray Tucker was interviewed for Law360's Rainmaker Q&A on August 7, 2013.

Q: How did you become a rainmaker?

A: To be successful in business development, you need to focus on building meaningful relationships, providing strong client service and ultimately, on providing value. If you accept that being a talented lawyer is the threshold expectation for most clients, it becomes the little things that differentiate the good lawyers from the trusted advisers who turn into rainmakers.

To be effective, you need to make an investment in relationships every day. That investment needs to happen with current clients, future clients, and strategic partners who might be referral sources. Strategic alliances are particularly important because relationships with consultants or attorneys with complementary practices can create opportunities to work collaboratively.

No one strategy is going to work by itself. Consistent, focused activities, in the aggregate, will pay off in a more powerful way than one-time “campaigns” or tactics.

So, here’s one of my strategies. I have a handwritten “post-it” note with a list of my clients that is tacked to my computer. It triggers me to think about how daily legal developments might impact each of them. When something happens, I try to figure out whether or not my clients would care about it, and then I reach out if I think they will. For example, my practice has always focused on litigation and enforcement and right now it is “all CFPB, all the time.” My clients expect me to have a keen understanding of what the bureau is doing, and if something significant happens, they want to know and I want to make sure they do.

By understanding a client’s business and the pressures they face, by thinking about them every day (even if you aren’t working together on an active matter), and striving to provide valuable advice that helps them stay ahead of the curve, you demonstrate that you care about their mission and are invested in their success.

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