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Manley Williams Quoted in Bank Safety & Soundness Advisor Article, "How Can You Avoid Emerging Credit Card Fair Lending Risk?"

Manley Williams

Manley Williams was quoted in the Bank Safety & Soundness Advisor article, titled "How Can You Avoid Emerging Credit Card Fair Lending Risk?," on December 1, 2014. 

Manley Williams, a partner in the Washington office of Buckley Sandler LLP, said it may be legally defensible for banks to market cards to certain protected groups, but the tactic is more likely to cause more trouble than it is worth.

“First, be cautious of protected class attributes, like race, gender, religion, natural origin,” she said.“You probably don’t want a marketing strategy that focuses on hot button issues.”

“Second, stay away from collecting information, particularly sensitive information, that you have no need for and no plan to use,” she said. “It brings no benefit, but could present problems.”