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Douglas Gansler Quoted in Law360 Article, "Calif. AG Comes Down Hard on Comcast in $33M Privacy Pact"

Douglas F. Gansler

Douglas Gansler was quoted in Allison Grande's Law360 article, "Calif. AG Comes Down Hard on Comcast in $33M Privacy Pact," on September 21, 2015. 

“This case is an expensive reminder of the need to be vigilant about how data is being used by and transferred to third-party vendors,” Gansler said. “Regulators are not necessarily going to go after the vendor; they will go after the big fish that contracted directly with the consumer."

Companies’ risk exposure becomes even greater when the alleged deception occurs in relation to a product or service that a consumer has paid for, as it did in the case of Comcast, attorneys say.

“It’s often difficult in these cases to quantify the value of the personal information at issue and to prove that the consumer wanted their information to remain private,” Gansler said. “But in this case, you don’t have to guess at whether or not the 75,000 people wanted their information to remain private. They took affirmative steps to maintain their privacy.”

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