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Ben Olson Quoted in Law360 Article, "CFPB Eyes Kickback Risk in Marketing Services Agreements"

Benjamin K. Olson

Ben Olson was quoted in Evan Weinberger's Law360 article, "CFPB Eyes Kickback Risk in Marketing Services Agreements," on October 9, 2015. 

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took a tough line Thursday on so-called marketing services agreements among firms that provide closing services on real estate transactions, saying such deals pose the risk of lenders engaging in illegal kickbacks.

Despite the tough talk on MSAs, and the tough enforcement actions the bureau has taken, Thursday’s guidance did not say they were banned outright.

“It is consistent with the bureau's strong discouragement of MSAs while leaving open the possibility that a compliant MSA could exist without saying what one would look like,” said Benjamin Olson, a partner at Buckley Sandler LLP and the CFPB's former deputy assistant director for the Office of Regulations.

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