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Lauren Randell Quoted in Law360 Article, "3 Things Younger Attys Can't Stand About Legal Vets"

Lauren R. Randell

Lauren Randell was quoted in Kelly Knaub's Law360 article, "3 Things Younger Attys Can't Stand About Legal Vets," on Thursday, December 17,  2015. 

When it comes to business development and marketing, there are a lot of differences if you were coming up through the ranks and trying to build a practice 20 years ago compared with doing so now, according to Lauren Randell, a white collar defense partner at Buckley Sandler LLP, who is 35.

“There can be a little bit of a sense that some more veteran lawyers are a little more set in their ways about how they think business has to be developed as far as the networks that work for them and those of their cohorts but may not be as applicable to people of my era,” Randell said.

As far as a belief that business can only be developed by personal connections and that's all that matters, people who are starting to build practices of Randell’s era see it a little broader and may put a little more emphasis on social networking or marketing and those types of methods of building business compared to just networking, which is important, she said, but maybe not the be-all and end-all anymore. She also noted that not all veteran lawyers share this belief.

“The personal connections are very important, but the world is more connected than ever, so it’s extremely important for firms and practice areas and lawyers and young lawyers to be accessible and have their work product accessible and their expertise accessible online,” Randell said.

This would allow a general counsel or a lower-level legal person from a company in another country or state who may not know who they need to talk with to easily look up recent articles and thought pieces online, she said, which gives them an idea of whom to contact.

"There are benefits to being more connected, to having more out there on the Internet that can be accessible to people maybe not attuned to the networks that you're used to,” Randell said. “There are benefits to that for veteran lawyers just as much as there are younger lawyers.”

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