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Douglas Gansler Quoted in Natural Products Insider Article, "Amid States' Scrutiny, Dietary Supplement Industry Retains Former Maryland AG"

Douglas F. Gansler

Douglas Gansler was quoted in Josh Long's Natural Products Insider article, "Amid States’ Scrutiny, Dietary Supplement Industry Retains Former Maryland AG," on Friday, January 22, 2016. 

Doug Gansler is part of an exclusive club of men and women who have spearheaded law-enforcement efforts on behalf of the 50 states. It’s little wonder that the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) have hired him to build relationships with state attorneys general and educate them about an industry that has been under siege for the last year.

“Will there be attorneys general bringing cases against individual companies about their products in the future? Absolutely," he declared. “Can some of those cases evolve into multistate investigations? Absolutely."

If that happens, it’s a safe bet the industry will be calling Gansler for advice and representation. “Frankly the industry has operated outside the gaze of attorneys general to this point," he said, “and the industry I think rightfully now has in retaining someone like me … a seat at the table with" the AGs.

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