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Ben Olson Quoted in Morning Consult Article, "CFPB Operations Could Shift After Court Ruling"

Benjamin K. Olson

Benjamin K. Olson was quoted on October 17, 2016 in a Morning Consult article regarding a federal appeals court decision, which found the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to be unconstitutional. The article reported, “The change could have an effect, both politically and practically, on the young agency’s operations.” In a similar vein, Olson commented that the decision, “could, in a million small ways, affect the bureau’s operations.”

Olson went on to note the political consequences likely to result from the decision: “Now, it’s going to be harder for an administration to disown actions taken by the CFPB.”

He also weighed in on the bureau’s expected change in its litigation risk evaluation stating, “I would think [the decision] would have the effect of making them even more reflective about the cases that they choose to expose themselves to [with] the risk of a negative court decision. It’s going to change the calculus somewhat.”

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