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Valerie Hletko Quoted in Law360 Article, "Justices Wrestle with Standing on City Mortgage Suits"

Valerie L. Hletko

Valerie Hletko was quoted on November 8, 2016 in a Law360 article regarding Bank of America and Wells Fargo’s joint attempt to overturn an Eleventh Circuit decision in front of the Supreme Court. The article reported that the Eleventh Circuit decision determined “that cities have the right to sue banks over discriminatory lending.” The city of Miami was allowed to sue Bank of America and Wells Fargo under the Fair Housing Act, alleging discriminatory and predatory practices. Law360 wrote that the plaintiffs “conceded that the FHA does grant cities the right to sue over alleged racial discrimination in mortgage lending. The question that the justices then had to wrestle with was just where to draw the line.”

Hletko observed the court’s struggle to definitively draw this line stating, “One of the significant struggles was the court’s clear discomfort with plaintiffs’ theory of infinite liability and difficulty in articulating where the line falls if short of that.”

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