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Preston Burton was Interviewed for Financial Times - US Anti-bribery Law Set to Remain in Place Under Trump

Preston Burton

Preston Burton’s was quoted on December 30, 2016 in a Financial Times article regarding the future of US anti-bribery laws under president-elect Trump. The article reported, “President-elect Donald Trump once said that a landmark US anti-bribery law put American companies ‘at a huge disadvantage’ in foreign markets, but prosecutors are unlikely to go easy on companies using illicit favours to win business once he is inaugurated.”

The article noted that in 2012, Trump told CNBC “It’s a horrible law and it should be changed. Every other country in the world is doing it and we’re not allowed to. It puts us at a huge disadvantage... the world is laughing at us.” The article reported the “programme’s cost-effectiveness” by prosecutors bringing in $2.3 billion in penalties. Burton said, “This generates a tremendous amount of fines. It’s going to remain a robust area of enforcement.”

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