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Valerie L. Hletko Quoted in Law360 Article, “Cities Could Be Limited In FHA Cases After High Court Ruling”


Valerie L. Hletko

Valerie L. Hletko was quoted on May 1, 2017 in a Law360 article, “Cities Could Be Limited In FHA Cases After High Court Ruling.” The article discussed a US Supreme Court decision, which allows the city of Miami to sue Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co. under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) over alleged discriminatory lending. The article noted, “While the Supreme Court did not officially take a position, the opinion gave a clear road map for how many steps a municipal plaintiff could take from the point where a bad loan is made to the end result of those bad loans resulting in harm to the city or county.”

Hletko stated, “In short, municipalities will likely not be given the chance to make long, multistep arguments about liability. While the dissent breaks out the causal chain further, even the majority’s thumbnail sketch of the causal chain alleged shows that the theory of liability goes, at a minimum, ‘beyond the first step.’”

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