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Sasha Leonhardt Quoted in Hill Rag Article, “Pulling Them Back From the Brink”

Hill Rag

Sasha Leonhardt

Sasha Leonhardt was quoted on June 1, 2017 in a Hill Rag article, “Pulling Them Back From the Brink.” The article discussed the work of Legal Counsel for the Elderly (LCE), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free legal and social work services to seniors in need. The article stated, “In order to remain free, LCE receives funds from AARP as well as the DC Office of Aging (DCOA). It also works with several law firms and attorneys who offer their services on a pro bono basis.”

Leonhardt, who has worked with the LCE for about two years, stated, “There are a number of causes where it is difficult to find a lawyer to assist people because the cost of obtaining legal representation is so great.” He also described the work he’s conducted for LCE as “challenging, rewarding, and critically important.”

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