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Elizabeth E. McGinn Quoted in Bloomberg BNA Article, “FTC Blogs Help Define Reasonable Data Security, Attorneys Say”

Bloomberg BNA

Elizabeth E. McGinn

Elizabeth E. McGinn was quoted on August 25, 2017 in Bloomberg BNA article, “FTC Blogs Help Define Reasonable Data Security, Attorneys Say,” which discussed the new FTC weekly data security blog and the information it can provide to create best practices for companies. The article stated, “The FTC announced July 21 that it will publish a blog every Friday on lessons learned from data security investigations by using hypothetical examples and highlighting some common themes that have emerged from closed data security investigations. Sharing information on the nonpublic resolutions process may help companies, and their legal counsel, better understand what the FTC expects from companies held to a ‘reasonable data security’ standard.”

McGinn noted the “blogs provide great insight as to what the FTC believes is reasonable data security.” She added, “The FTC’s tips and recommendations may be considered basic by some, but they’re a good reminder for companies. What may be considered as basic for some companies are not for other companies.”

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