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Benjamin K. Olson Quoted in Washington Post Article, “Mick Mulvaney is Now One of the Most Powerful Bureaucrats in the Country”

The Washington Post

Benjamin K. Olson

Benjamin K. Olson was quoted on November 30, 2017 in a Washington Post article, “Mick Mulvaney is Now One of the Most Powerful Bureaucrats in the Country,” which discussed Mick Mulvaney’s transition into acting director of the CFPB and the power he has gained in this role. The article stated, “The White House budget director is, for now, also the acting director of a powerful financial regulator, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. At the CFPB, he can single-handedly cut the agency’s budget and decide whether to proceed with or drop investigations into big financial firms. One early sign of how Mulvaney plans to wield his power could be how he decides to handle the dozens of pending cases CFPB has against financial firms, some industry experts say.” 

Olson noted, “How Mulvaney decides to move forward on those cases is going to be a very public indication of what new leadership wants to do. There are different, legitimate perspectives on the right way to protect consumers. We have these debates all the time. As long as someone is in charge who believes in its [CFPB’s] fundamental mission, I think the agency will be fine. The mission is too important.” 

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