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Douglas F. Gansler quoted in WTOP article, “Recorded jailhouse call surprises defense in case of murdered Maryland Teacher”


Douglas F. Gansler

Douglas F. Gansler was quoted on February 25, 2018 in a WTOP article, “Recorded jailhouse call surprises defense in case of murdered Maryland Teacher,” which discussed the trial of Tyler Tessier, accused of murdering his girlfriend, Lauren Wallen, and the legality of using a recorded phone call he made from jail as evidence that the defense’s strategy was to deliberately delay Tessier’s trial. The article stated, “In the call, Tessier said a trial delay would be in his best interest. In explaining his rationale, Tessier mentioned the Las Vegas shooting tragedy. ‘People forget; things happen,’ Tessier said in the phone conversation, which was recorded in October 2017. ‘When something more important happens, it puts me out of the public eye.’ Despite the prosecutorial tactic’s surprising and dramatic nature, recorded phone calls are, in most cases, legal.”

Gansler added, “An inmate in jail has absolutely no expectation of privacy. That’s why you always hear about a jail cell being tossed, or conversations being overheard and used in court, against a defendant. When a defendant goes to make a call at the jail, there are signs posted above the telephones saying these calls may be recorded. When you actually make the call, there’s an oral message that comes on and reminds the inmate that these calls are being recorded and may be used against them.

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