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Tina M. Tchen quoted in Reuters article, “US-based campaign against sex harassment 'overwhelmed' by cases, official says”


Tina Tchen

Tina M. Tchen was quoted on March 20, 2018 in a Reuters article, “US-based campaign against sex harassment 'overwhelmed' by cases, official says,” which discussed the Time’s Up movement and the large amount of sexual harassment reports coming through the Legal Defense Fund. The article stated, “Dozens of complaints of sexual harassment on the job are arriving nearly every day at the Time's Up campaign, showing that decades of battling workplace misconduct have failed.”

Tchen added, “Reports of harassment have come from employees in more than 60 industries, from steel workers and prison guards to hotel maids. Since January 1, Time's Up has received about 1,900 requests for legal help, mostly from women. Time's Up has raised $21 million in the same time period.”

She also noted that many women that have faced harassment are low-income workers, with no means to hire an attorney. She stated, “There has been a whole segment of the workforce that hasn’t really had representation and, as a result, nobody has been holding people accountable. The response both on the fundraising side and the requests for assistance have surprised us and overwhelmed us.”

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