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Jonice Gray Tucker interviewed for Dodd Frank Update article, “What truly is surprising about CFPB under Mulvaney?”

Dodd Frank Update

Jonice Gray Tucker

Jonice Gray Tucker was interviewed for a Dodd Frank Update article, “What truly is surprising about CFPB under Mulvaney?” which discussed the priorities of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under Mick Mulvaney’s leadership, and the potential shift in priorities under nominated CFPB director Kathy Kraninger. The article stated, “The industry may see the manifestation of the shift in priorities around fair lending in a variety of ways. We already have seen a decline in the use of more aggressive fair lending theories that have come under fire over the last several years.”

Tucker added, “But we may see actions taken that are more conservative than may have been originally contemplated. In thinking about cases predicated on disparate impact theory, many have questioned whether we simply will see a dissipation in such actions or if we will see articulated, more formal changes in policy. Stated another way, you can affect policy by choosing not to pursue aggressive theories, or you can act affirmatively by openly examining issues, crafting new statements of policy, unwinding commentary on statutes, and a variety of other actions. It appears that this administration is not just shifting the focus with respect to what kinds of cases it’s going to bring, which is the easy path, but it may also take on some of these more controversial fair lending issues from a policy standpoint.”

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