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Douglas F. Gansler quoted in FTCWatch article, “State AG races are ‘where the action is’ this fall”


Douglas F. Gansler

Douglas F. Gansler was quoted on September 17, 2018 in an FTCWatch article, “State AG races are ‘where the action is’ this fall,” which discussed the 13 state attorney general offices that are open and the races for these offices. The article stated, “Overall, there are 35 attorney general seats on the ballot this year, 32 of which are elected, including 18 held by Republicans and 14 held by Democrats. (The other three seats are appointed by the governor, elected by the state legislature, or selected by the state Supreme Court.) The stakes are high and partisans from both parties are throwing boatloads of money into the contests that once were low-key yawners.”

Gansler added, “The states in many, many cases are where all the action is. The states are quite often more difficult to deal with for companies because, for one thing, there are 50 of them, plus the District of Columbia. You have 50 different sheriffs in town coming after you as opposed to the federal government.”

In regard to the potential shift in consumer protection following the turnover in the state attorney general offices, Gansler noted that “while more Democratic attorneys general will coalesce to go after the Trump administration on constitutionally-based issues, there still will be room for cooperation between the parties. To think that Republican attorneys general don’t care about corporate fraud would be a mistake. Another misconception is just because you have a Republican or a Democrat in the boss’s chair that translates completely to staff-level people because it doesn’t ... I have a case right now with an office where the attorney general is a Republican and the staff attorney is to the left of Bernie Sanders. It is not a direct correlation.” 

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