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Daniel R. Alonso extensively quoted in The Telegraph article, “Donald Trump faces avalanche of legal cases as he becomes private citizen”

The Telegraph

Daniel R. Alonso

The Telegraph article “Donald Trump faces avalanche of legal cases as he becomes private citizen,” took a look at the many different suits — from potential tax fraud to debt repayment — that Trump is facing and if there is enough evidence to support these cases. Daniel R. Alonso commented specifically on Trump’s tax fraud, impeachment and incitement, and debt repayment cases.

Tax fraud: “Even assuming the evidence is there, I’m sceptical that New York law will be broad enough to allow prosecutors to bring an air-tight case against Trump. One way to do this would be for the DA (district attorney) to gather a strong case and have it filed by federal prosecutors in federal court, where the law is much more favourable to the government than it is in New York state court. Tax fraud cases are pretty hard to bring. It’s not enough to just show that someone should have paid additional taxes and they didn’t. They have to have consciously chosen to mislead the tax authorities with the intention of paying less than they would have otherwise have owed. This is difficult to do with a CEO, a businessman who is surrounded by lawyers and accountants. It’s very hard to prove.”

Impeachment and incitement: “This too will be a struggle to bring to court. The riot case has so many unanswered questions. I wouldn’t charge him with a crime today, based on all the available evidence I've seen, but there is certainly enough to investigate Trump’s involvement in organising the rallies and what his intentions were. Same with the Georgia investigation. I would want to know if Trump had other, similar conversations with election officials, that would build a picture of something more sinister.”

Debt repayment: On whether there might be any surprises in the coming weeks and months, Alonso said, “Prosecutors could have been holding back on subpoenas, not wanting to be a distraction with everything else going on, and knowing that Trump, as president, would have interposed strong objections.”

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