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Daniel R. Alonso extensively quoted in Financial Times article, “‘Here is Cyrus Vance’s moment’: Donald Trump’s new legal nemesis”

Financial Times

Daniel R. Alonso

In this Financial Times article, Daniel R. Alonso —  former Chief Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office — discussed the scrutiny Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance will receive regardless of whether he chooses to prosecute Donald Trump. Alonso noted, “I’m positive whatever decision he makes, there will be people that will publicly disagree with him. Some people will criticise him if he charges Trump — viciously. And other people will criticise him if he doesn’t charge Trump — viciously. That’s just the nature of that job, as we’ve seen over the past 10 years. His job isn’t to please people but to do what he thinks is right.”

Alonso also added that the discrepancies between Trump’s reported financial figures was “a reason to investigate” but “not a reason to slap cuffs on somebody. In order to unravel that, it’s going to be very complicated. And also very complicated to prove Trump’s intent — though not impossible.”

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