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Clinton R. Rockwell and Chris Hilliard extensively quoted in article, “Creating new revenue stream, Buckley launches fintech subsidiary"

Clinton R. Rockwell

Buckley Partner Clinton R. Rockwell and Winnow Chief Operations Officer Chris Hilliard were extensively quoted in the article, “Creating new revenue stream, Buckley launches fintech subsidiary,” which highlighted the rollout of the firm’s new technology product Winnow — a comprehensive and dynamic database of state regulatory requirements — which the firm developed to enable financial and lending institutions to generate surveys and searches tailored to their specific business needs.

Hilliard and Rockwell had been discussing the product idea for almost seven years before Hilliard joined Buckley in 2018. Hilliard noted, “The goal of democratizing this information is a big piece of my deciding to come over and join and get Winnow started. It allows us to support $250,000 angel investor startups as well as $70 billion multinational banks. The fact that both of those players are on the platform is huge to me.”

Rockwell added that compliance expenses were one of the largest burdens for new market entrants and said the process was ripe for automation. “We had so much experience in the state law area over so many years that, given the advances with technology, there was the opportunity to bring tech solutions to bear to organize that information and make it more available.”

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