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Daniel R. Alonso appeared on MSNBC’s The Beat


Daniel R. Alonso

Daniel R. Alonso appeared on MSNBC’s The Beat to discuss why the Organized Crime Control Act (OCCA) has been invoked in multiple probes of Donald Trump.

Alonso noted, “It`s a natural thing in complex white-collar cases to at least consider filing these charges, OCCA, or enterprise corruption, as we call it. It`s like the Little RICO that lots of states have. And the reason is because it gives some advantages. And if those advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then you do it. The advantages are that it`s got a pretty strong penalty. And a lot of white-collar crimes in New York actually carry relatively weak penalties, even felonies. So, it carries mandatory time in state prison for individuals, and it carries up to theoretically eight-and-a third to 25 years. So it`s a very serious crime. The other is that you can get in all sorts of evidence that you might not otherwise be able to introduce. In criminal cases, you have to only introduce the evidence of that crime. But if you have an expansive criminal enterprise that the law requires you to prove, then everything that happened during the existence of it can come into evidence.”

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