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"U.S. National Privacy and Cybersecurity” ADCG Podcast: Ep. 56 – Privacy and cybersecurity challenges for the credit reporting agencies – Interview with Francis Creighton

This episode explores the changing privacy and cybersecurity landscape for credit reporting agencies such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. The discussion focuses on the role that credit reporting agencies play in expanding credit opportunities along with the increasing regulatory expectations related to outcomes for different segments of society as a result of advanced credit analytics. Also discussed are the steps the consumer data industry is taking to protect against data breaches and ransomware attacks.

Francis Creighton is President and CEO of the Consumer Data Industry Association.

About the U.S. National Privacy and Cybersecurity Podcast

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The Association for Data and Cyber Governance presents a podcast series that explores informed points of view – both pro and con – on the need to develop national privacy legislation. Hosts Jerry Buckley, a founding partner of Buckley LLP, and Jody Westby, a prominent data security consultant, interview some of the nation’s key privacy professionals as they sort through the policy decisions that Congress will have to address as it considers how the use of data will be regulated in the United States.

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The views expressed in this podcast are not necessarily the views of Buckley LLP.

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