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STAGE Network Webinar: Managing Cybersecurity Risks and the Role of State Attorneys General

Cybersecurity is the evolving effort by state Attorneys General to protect sensitive data, personal health and financial information and intellectual property against damage, theft and misuse by hackers and thieves. Many organizations that had believed themselves to be protected have had breaches from unexpected ways and with unanticipated and drastic results. Because virtually every organization of people and property today has possession of electronic data that it is required to protect under a variety of increasingly stringent state and federal laws, cybersecurity touches almost everyone. As more private information and data becomes digitized, efforts to steal it are becoming increasingly organized and increasing in the reach of what can be taken. This program shared insights and practical ways that companies and their counsel can manage the changing requirements and risks, and will discuss response plans to address breaches. The discussion points included:

  • Identifying the key federal and state cybersecurity regulators
  • Responding to cybersecurity regulatory examinations
  • Assessment of recent security risk and mitigation trends
  • Breach response practices


  • Douglas F. Gansler, Partner, Buckley Sandler LLP; former Maryland Attorney General and President of the National Association of Attorneys General
  • David Owen, Partner, Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP; Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP-US) by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

When: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm (ET)

About STAGE Network

STAGE Network is a response to two of the most significant regulatory changes to emerge from the financial crisis: (1) the vastly increased enforcement role assumed by state attorneys general with respect to financial services providers; and (2) the creation of the CFPB, charged among other things with working closely with state attorneys general to protect consumers. STAGE Network is committed to: 

  • Raising awareness of the rapidly expanding role that state attorneys general and state regulators are playing in enforcement of laws impacting financial services companies;
  • establishing a forum for discussion of important policy issues with state attorneys general and state regulators; and
  • facilitating compliance with existing and anticipated state laws and regulations through education and outreach efforts.