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Valerie L. Hletko to discussed "Forecasting litigation and settlement trends in the mortgage servicing and fair lending context" at the American Conference Institute National Forum on Residential Mortgage Regulatory Enforcement & Litigation

Dallas, TX

Residential mortgage litigation is replete with challenges related to pre-emption, mortgage insurance, assignments, and ascertainability. These areas are often pose difficulty throughout the course of the litigation and settlement. This panel addressed these challenges as well as the following matters:

Survey of mortgage servicing litigation, settlement trends, and key cases across various jurisdictions

  • Interpreting Lusnak v. Bank of America on pre-emption of state laws and paying interest on escrow accounts
  • Assessing the court’s opinion on Fried v. JP Morgan Chase on mortgage insurance
  • Understanding Yvanova case on assignments and whether title is affected
  • Examining residential mortgage backed securities litigation based on breach of representation and warranties

Class action trends

  • Exploring the potential class action litigation trend where plaintiffs are “deemed discharged” from past deficiencies from residential mortgage properties but mortgage servicers are unaware
  • Examining recent federal court scrutiny of class action litigation settlements and its impact for the residential mortgage industry
  • Interpreting the effect of In re: Hyundai and Kia Fuel Economy Litigation on nationwide class action settlements
  • Reassessing the class action litigation landscape with Fair Lending and ECOA violations
  • Appropriately defining a class and understanding ascertainability challenges with class action litigation
  • Reassessing class action settlements by the DOJ via the method of filing of an objection and what this means for the future of residential mortgage litigation

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