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Buckley Webcast: Community Reinvestment Act modernization: What it might look like and how to plan for it

Efforts to modernize the CRA began in 2010 and finally seemed to gel last year when the OCC and FDIC jointly proposed new rules. But hopes for closure were short-lived as the FDIC ultimately abandoned the effort and the OCC recently announced the ditching of most of its 2020 rules. Meanwhile, the Fed is evaluating industry and advocate responses to 99 questions it posed on CRA modernization that may form the basis for uniform regulation.

Buckley attorneys Warren Traiger and Caroline Eisner discussed the current state of modernization, including a survey of comments received by the Fed on key issues, prospects for modernization by the three federal regulators, and challenges in conducting a CRA program when the current rules are on the verge of being changed.

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