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Buckley Webcast: The Russia-Ukraine conflict, ransomware attacks, and the financial services industry

The financial services sector is in an unenviable position between criminals unleashing ransomware, and government authorities trying to deter, investigate, and prosecute it. The financial services sector is a common conduit for ransom payments and an attractive target in its own right, making it the focal point of federal and state regulatory and law enforcement efforts to stop ransomware. U.S. sanctions on Russia have significantly increased the cyber threat potential, making the situation even riskier.

Buckley attorneys Amanda LawrenceElizabeth McGinnBen Hutten, and James Chou will explore recent developments in ransomware attacks, such as the increased risk of Russian state-sponsored cyberattacks, and related developments at the Department of the Treasury, the New York Department of Financial Services, and other regulators regarding prevention, harm mitigation, and reporting.

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