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Nineteen States Settle With Debt Collector Over Collection Practices



On February 6, nineteen state attorneys general announced a multi-state settlement with NCO Financial Systems, a debt collection company, to resolve allegations of misleading and deceptive debt collection practices. Under the agreement, the company must set aside $950,000 ($50,000 for each state) for consumer restitution, and will pay $575,000 for state consumer protection enforcement efforts. Restitution will go to consumers who paid the company for debts the consumers did not owe, who overpaid interest, or who overpaid a debt beyond what the company had agreed to settle an account. The company also agreed to (i) comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, and all applicable state laws, (ii) notify credit reporting agencies within 30 days of consumer disputes and results of investigations into disputes, (iii) provide notice to consumers about their debt collection rights under federal and state law, and (iv) monitor compliance, create written policies and procedures for handling consumer complaints, and submit periodic compliance reports.

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