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CFPB Partners with Newark on Consumer Complaint Hotline

CFPB Consumer Complaints

Consumer Finance

On February 7, the CFPB announced that, through a pilot partnership with Newark, New Jersey, the CFPB will accept and respond to questions and complaints about financial products and services posed directly to the Bureau by local residents. The agreement will allow Newark consumers to dial a local hotline and be connected with the Consumer Response team, which will screen complaints for completeness, jurisdiction, and non-duplication. As with consumer complaints submitted to the CFPB through other channels, hotline complaints from Newark residents that meet the initial screening criteria will be sent to the subject company for review. These companies are expected to respond within 15 days, and to close most complaints within 60 days. Consumers lodging a complaint via the hotline can log into the CFPB’s website to check the status of their complaint and to provide feedback about the company’s response. The CFPB currently is accepting complaints regarding credit cards, mortgages, deposit products and services, consumer loans, student loans, and credit reporting.

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