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FDIC fines bank for flood insurance violations

Federal Issues FDIC Enforcement Flood Insurance Flood Disaster Protection Act National Flood Insurance Act

Federal Issues

On September 27, the FDIC announced its release of a list of administrative enforcement actions taken against banks and individuals in August. According to the press release, the FDIC issued 13 orders, which include “four consent orders; one removal and prohibition order; four civil money penalty orders; two terminations of consent orders; and five section 19 orders.” Notably, the FDIC assessed a civil money penalty against a Texas-based bank for alleged violations of the Flood Disaster Protection Act, including failing to (i) obtain flood insurance coverage on loans at the time of origination, increase, extension, or renewal; (ii) maintain flood insurance coverage for the term of a loan; (iii) follow force-placement flood insurance procedures; or (iv) provide borrowers with notice of the availability of federal disaster relief assistance “in all cases whether or not flood insurance is available under the [National Flood Insurance Act] for the collateral securing the loan.”

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