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FTC releases 2019 Annual Highlights

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Federal Issues

On April 23, the FTC released its 2019 Annual Highlights, which outlines the Commission’s efforts over the past year to protect consumers and promote competition. The report discusses various enforcement actions, policy and advocacy initiatives, and education and outreach programs, and notes that FTC actions in 2019 have led to more than $232 million in refunds to consumers. The report covers a range of consumer protection enforcement actions related to, among other things, unfair and deceptive marketing as well as privacy and data security issues. The report also discusses joint consumer protection enforcement-related efforts with foreign agencies and multilateral organizations, as well as information-sharing and enforcement cooperation measures intended to streamline and facilitate joint law enforcement investigations. In addition, the report highlights recent policy actions, such as advocacy comments, amicus briefs, and Congressional testimony, and discusses education efforts undertaken in 2019 including: (i) a series of public hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century; (ii) workshops with state regulators and law enforcers; (iii) workshops on consumer protection issues such as small business financing, consumer reporting accuracy, and privacy matters; and (iv) education outreach programs. According to the stats and data section of the report, the FTC received more than 3.2 million consumer reports in 2019, in which identity theft and imposter scam complaints represented over 40 percent of the total reports received.

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