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CFPB outlines plans for consumer financial law taskforce

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On June 8, the CFPB published a blog post written by Todd Zywicki, the Chair of the Taskforce on Federal Consumer Financial Law, which discusses the future plans of the taskforce. In addition to the March request for information (RFI) seeking input on consumer protection areas for the taskforce to focus its research and analysis on (covered by InfoBytes here), the post notes that the taskforce intends to gain feedback from other public forums as well in order to produce a two-volume report. The first volume, among other things, will contain a history of consumer financial protection laws, a cost-benefit analysis of financial products and services, and an outline of the current regulatory framework. The second volume will include a set of recommendations for the Bureau “on ways to improve and strengthen the application of financial laws and regulations.” Through the fall, the taskforce will (i) analyze the comments received from the RFI; (ii) hold a public hearing; and (iii) participate in public listening sessions with the Bureau’s four advisory committees.

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