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Nebraska amends installment lender and money transmitter licensing requirements

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On March 17, the Nebraska governor signed LB 363, which amends certain licensing requirements for installment lenders and money transmitters. Among other things, LB 363 amends provisions of the Nebraska Installment Loan Act related to installment loan licenses and surety bonds to require “any person that holds or acquires any rights of ownership, servicing, or other forms of participation in a loan under the Nebraska Installment Loan Act or that engages with, or conducts loan activity with, an installment loan borrower in connection with a loan under the act” to obtain a license from the department. Additionally, licensees will be required to increase their surety bonds by $50,000 for each branch office licensed under the Nebraska Installment Sales Act. The act also provides that certain licensed persons that operate in the state as a collection agency, credit services organization, or that engage in debt management business are not required to be licensed under the Nebraska Money Transmitters Act. Additional amendments further address the expanded definition of a person engaged in money transmission, as well as investigation and examination authorities. The act takes effect immediately.