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DFPI: Bitcoin ATM kiosk not subject to MTA licensure

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Recently, California’s Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) released three new opinion letters (see here, here, and here) covering aspects of the California Money Transmission Act (MTA) related to bitcoin automated teller machines (ATMs) and kiosks. The letters explain that the sale and purchase of bitcoin through an ATM kiosk as described by the inquiring companies is not subject to licensure under the MTA because it does not meet California’s definition of “money transmission.” In each instance, the transaction would only be between the consumer/bitcoin purchaser using the ATM kiosk and the respective company. DFPI reminded the companies, however, that its determination is limited to the activities specified in the letters and does not extend to any other activities that the companies may engage in. Moreover, the letters do not relieve the companies from any FinCEN, federal, or state regulatory obligations.

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