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States vow to enter information agreements with FCC against robocalls

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State Issues

On May 31, a coalition of 41 state attorneys generals, on behalf of the National Association of Attorneys General, sent a letter to the FCC commending the agency for its efforts in combating robocalls. Specifically, the AGs praised the FCC’s “leadership in encouraging states to enter into information sharing agreements to facilitate fast, effective information sharing during the course of robocall investigations.” The AGs stated that they “believe these information sharing agreements represent an important continuation of the progress made to date in combatting robocalls,” and entering the agreements “honor our country’s tradition of federalism and evidences a mutual commitment to working towards addressing complex issues collaboratively.” Not all the signatories had entered information sharing agreements with the FCC at the time the letter was sent, but the letter affirmed “their commitment to making a good faith attempt to sign the agreements,” and encouraged the FCC to reach out to the included point of contact for each state to move forward with the agreements.