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Biden outlines aggressive approach for strengthening U.S. cybersecurity

Privacy, Cyber Risk & Data Security Federal Issues Biden Ransomware Of Interest to Non-US Persons

Privacy, Cyber Risk & Data Security

On October 11, President Biden outlined actions for strengthening and safeguarding the nation’s cybersecurity. In addition to stressing the importance of improving cybersecurity and resilience measures for critical infrastructure owners and operators, the Biden administration outlined additional priorities that focus on (i) strengthening the federal government’s cybersecurity requirements; (ii) countering ransomware attacks, including by making it more difficult for criminals to move illicit money; (iii) collaborating with allies and partners to build collective cybersecurity, develop coordinated responses, and develop cyber deterrence; (iv) imposing costs on and sanctioning malicious cyber actors; (v) implementing internationally-accepted cyber “rules of the road”; (vi) strengthening cyber-education efforts; (vii) developing quantum-resistant encryption algorithms to protect privacy in digital systems such as online banking; and (viii) establishing research centers and workforce development programs under the National Quantum Initiative to protect investments, companies, and intellectual property and prevent harm as technology in this space continues to develop.