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FSB reports on stablecoins and crypto-asset activities

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Federal Issues

Recently, Financial Stability Board (FSB) Chair Klaas Knot sent a letter to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors concerning global financial stability, followed by the release of two FSB reports. The letter stated that “turmoil in crypto-asset markets has validated many of the FSB’s concerns about crypto assets,” and noted that the “‘crypto winter’ has reinforced [its] assessment of existing structural vulnerabilities.” The letter expressed concerns that the risks crypto assets pose to financial stability are "likely to come back to the fore sooner rather than later.” Knot stated that the FSB’s report on stablecoins expanded recommendations for the regulation of stablecoins, which are digital tokens that aim to maintain a one-on-one value with less volatile assets such as the euro or dollar. In the stablecoin report, the FSB stated that most existing stablecoins would not meet its recommendations at present, and would require “significant improvements” to their governance, risk management, stabilization mechanisms and disclosures. Knot also discussed the FSB's report on crypto-asset activities and markets, which focuses on regulatory, supervisory, and oversight issues relating to crypto-assets to help ensure safe innovation. The report noted that “[c]orrelations between crypto-asset prices and mainstream equity indices have been steadily increasing since year-end 2021 and peaked in May 2022, when the market stress began.” The letter further described that in 2020, G20 Leaders endorsed the Roadmap for Enhancing Cross-border Payments to address the frictions that payments currently face, and thereby achieve faster, cheaper, more transparent and more inclusive cross-border payment services. As previously covered by InfoBytes, Knot stated that the recent FSB report on the roadmap presents “priorities for this new phase of the work, and proposes an intensified public-private sector collaboration to take this forward.” In regard to cyber risks, he stated that cyber-risk safeguards are important due to rapidly growing cyber incidents. He further stated that the FSB “is working to promote a resilient global financial system in the near term and over the longer run, supporting policymakers in the G20 to foster stronger, equitable and inclusive growth.”