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Chopra discusses SIFI risks

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Federal Issues

On November 9, CFPB Director and FDIC Board Member Rohit Chopra delivered remarks before the FDIC Systemic Resolution Advisory Committee to discuss challenges facing systemically important financial institutions. Chopra began by raising concerns related to domestic systemically important banks (DSIBs) and the potentially disruptive impact facing consumers and small businesses should one of these bank fail. Chopra explained that, because DSIBs are heavily involved in retail banking with large consumer businesses and carry relatively high levels of uninsured deposits, “DSIB resolutions could pose serious technical challenges for the FDIC” that would necessitate serious consideration. Chopra also pointed out concerns raised by many experts that a large number of nonbank systemically important financial institutions (which have not yet been formally designated by the Financial Stability Oversight Council) pose systemic risk to the financial system. “Absent a designation, these institutions are not required to file a resolution plan,” Chopra said, noting that “[r]esolving these institutions without a plan would be an enormous challenge.” He also emphasized the importance of finding ways to eliminate bailout risks for global systemically important banks.

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