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NYC Banking Commission to combat lending and employment discrimination

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State Issues

On February 10, the New York City Banking Commission, which consists of the city’s mayor, the comptroller, and the Commissioner of the Department of Finance, announced two transparency measures to combat lending and employment discrimination by designated banks. Designated banks are those eligible to hold NYC deposits and are expected to provide approved banking products and services for city entities. The announcement states that beginning with this year’s biennial designation cycle, a public comment process will now be included prior to and during the Banking Commission’s public hearing to designate banks that will be eligible to hold deposits of city funds. Revisions have also been made to the certifications that banks are required to submit ahead of designation in order “to reinforce the obligation for depository banks to provide detailed plans and specific steps to combat different forms of discrimination in their operations.” NYC Mayor Eric Adams added “[t]hese new steps will ensure the Banking Commission is designating only those banks that have shown that they can protect taxpayer money and that are committed to promoting equity in all aspects of their operations.”