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California governor signs executive order on GenAI

State Issues California Executive Order Artificial Intelligence Supervision Governors

State Issues

On September 6, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an Executive Order (E.O.) instructing state agencies to evaluate how generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) may impact the State and its residents. Specifically, the E.O. requires certain state agencies to provide a report to the Governor which will examine “the most significant, potentially beneficial uses” of GenAI tools by the state. The report must also discuss “the potential risks to individuals, communities, and government and state government workers” from GenAI tools. Certain California agencies, including the Department of Technology, must perform a “risk analysis of potential threats to and vulnerabilities of California’s critical energy infrastructure by the use of GenAI.” The E.O. also requires that the State issue “general guidelines for public sector procurement, uses, and required training for use of GenAI,” and consider pilots of GenAI projects to be tested in “sandboxes.” Lastly, the E.O. directs the State to pursue a formal partnership with certain California higher education institutions to study the impacts of GenAI and support its safe growth.